Cullen Allen can trace its trading history back to 1870 and while the company has specialised in the production and marketing of seed and table potatoes.
Based in Belfast Cullen Allen supplies all sectors of the potato industry with,

1. Seed produced with selected farmers in Scotland Ireland and England.

2. Table potatoes from Ireland Scotland and England.

3. Imported new potatoes form Cyprus and Spain.


Cullen Allen works closely with its suppliers to ensure the right varieties are produced with the right quality being supplied to our customers. This integrated and open approach with full traceability is essential in today's sophisticated food supply chain.


Sources of Table Potatoes

Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland, Belgium, Cyprus, Spain


Sources of Seed Potatoes

Ireland, Scotland, England, Holland.



Cultra, Balmoral, Maris Piper, Navan, Rooster, Fontane, Markies, Desiree, Hermes, Accord, Charlotte, Nicola, Kennebec, Red Pontiac.